Other Projects

June 2015

International Paper Bowl Center (IPBC -- phases I & II)
2015. Structural installations of paper pulp bowls.

Built and dismantled for two consecutive rooftop exhibitions
Level Note one two – a mobile showcase on two rooftops 一個流動展覽,兩個天台
by case open close, Hong Kong, June 2015.

"Hong Kong has over 300 skyscrapers, much more than any other city in the world. The reason for this condition does not arise from an effort in creating an architectural wonderland of tall buildings, but from the opportunity to build as a means of making money on a restricted land area. While the ubiquitous towers are are in essence physical products of investments and real-estate speculation, they strongly effect the life in the city. As a result, the most visible part of Hong Kong is not built by its everyday life, but by financial dealings. The question then becomes, what kind of towers does the everyday build?

The International Paper Bowl Center (IPBC) is an imaginary construction project to be executed in two phases. The works are made of paper bowls, used every day in the city in vast quantities. The two phases consist of attempts in building and rebuilding a structure on the rooftop, exhibited between other works, facing the constraints of limited space, wind, rain and the limitations of the construction material. Using the paper bowls as building blocks borrowed from the streets of the everyday world, the work ultimately ask what are the physical and metaphorical building blocks of the city, how can we gain them, and can they really be used to build a future?"


Photography in Club Donny magazine, issue 7, 2011


Design to commemorate the 40-year anniversary of the destruction of Pruitt-Igoe housing area, 2011.


Imagining the city as a fashion editorial, 2011.